An Interview with CATHY FREEMAN

I don’t think the next guest on Sincerely, E needs an introduction. My best friend and blogging buddy, Cassidy, and I had the honour of interviewing Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman. The inspirational and talented athlete was a pleasure to speak with and I hope you all enjoy what she had to say.

Ellie: What was it like going to boarding school at the age of 15?

Cathy: Like any young person being away from home was a bit of an adventure, however, there was plenty of times I missed home.

ES: When you won your first medal at the Olympics, you were criticised by the media for carrying both the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag. How did that make you feel knowing that people disapproved?

CF: You know, at the time I was not trying to make a statement. I had great pride what both flags meant to me. Other people interpreted it as they wanted.”

Cassidy: I’m sure you have received some criticism in your career( as all stars do). How did you remain focused and positive throughout it all?

CF: I understood I could only control certain things. What other people thought, though sometimes frustrating, was not within my control. So you accept and move on. When I received stern words from my coach….that was different!

CW: Do you have any advice for others who are wanting to follow their dreams?

CF: I always encourage young people to share their dreams with others; teachers, parents, mentors and friends. You would be amazed how many people will want to help you achieve your dreams.


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