An Interview with BEN BURGESS

This interview was rather exciting for me for two reasons.

1). This was my very first phone interview and;

2). I am a rather huge fan of Ben’s and it was an honour to chat with him about his career.

Ben Burgess is from Dallas, Texas. He is a singer-songwriter, and a brilliant rapper. He is currently performing as the opening act for Guy Sebastian’s Australian Armageddon Tour. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben at one of Guy’s Tassie shows and of course chased him up for an interview. Check out Ben’s stuff and download his free mix tape on HERE.

Ellie: Who inspired you to start singing?

Ben: My father got me into singing as he was a singer-songwriter himself. I grew up listening to bands like The Beatles. He was definitely my inspiration.

ES: Who do you look up to now?

BB: Guy Sebastian. He has really opened up my eyes to running the music business and how to treat fans. He’s an amazing person and has taught me so much throughout our friendship.

ES: You’re currently touring with Guy on his Armageddon Tour, can you explain what it’s like to be performing with such a talented Australian artist?

BB: Guy is amazing to work with. I am always getting really spoiled. The hotels have all been great so far, I always have food on my plate, always have a ride to get places, the only thing I have to worry about is getting on stage. This is my first tour, and we are always laughing and having a joke. But I do have to worry about getting pranked. Everybody gets pranked on tour…

ES: You’re a very talented songwriter, do you have any advice or tips for other songwriters?

BB: It’s like writing a short story. Just write it. If it doesn’t work, stop it. Maybe go back to it later. Learn and get ideas from other songs, there is never a dumb idea whilst song writing. Write about every day stuff. Just write. Don’t stop writing.

ES: Tell us about your free mixtape available on your website.

BB: I have over 100 songs on my computer. The mixtape is some random songs put together, that somewhow work when they are together. But my next songs are going to be more melow, sweet and low key. Really looking forward to it.



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