An Interview with CARMEN SMITH

My last interview was with Guy Sebastian’s opening act, Ben Burgess, so to go with the flow I introduce to you The Voice Australia contestant, Carmen Smith. She is currently on tour with Guy and Ben on Guy’s Australian Armageddon tour. She was an amazing performer to watch when I saw her in Hobart – she’s such a nice, down-to-earth artist and a genuine person. I was lucky enough to meet her and we totally bonded over our mutual curly hair.

Ellie: Who inspired you to become a singer and audition for The Voice?

Carmen: My sister, Lyn. I always thought she was the best singer I had ever heard. Michael Jackson made me want to perform.

ES: Did you ever think you would be performing with someone as famous and well-known as Guy Sebastian?

CS: Not in a million years. I always have moments on stage when I think “How did I get here?”. Its such an honour and a buzz. Always grateful.

ES: What is it like touring around Australia with American rapper Ben Burgess and Guy?

CS: I have seen some of the best parts of this country on this tour. Touring with Ben Burgess is a whole lotta laughs and I’m pretty blown away by his presence and genuine heart. Serious talent! Watch out Australia… Guy is the ever professional and the most supreme vocalist I have ever worked with, hands down. And probably the funniest.

ES: Tell us a bit about your debut album, Carmen Smith LP.

CS: My debut album was done in about 2007 and was just something I needed to put out there, It was completed in the middle of a tour and was a real push for me to be better at what I do.

ES: What advice do you have for aspiring singers?

CS: To always be yourself, trust your instincts and enjoy every minute!

Thank you Carmen for the questions, and to Richie Vez for making it possible.



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