Interview: Lauren Conrad

I am totally excited to have interviewed the very beautiful Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach, California. Her books Style and Beauty are both incredible reads – adding to the list of talents Lauren has, she’s a make-up artist, author, actress and TV personality.

You can find her books, fashion label and everything LC at her official website HERE.

Ellie: In 2004 you starred in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills in 2006, what was the experience like?

Lauren: Being on TV was a whole new thing for me as a high school student, but looking back on the experience as a whole it was really positive. We had a great producer and crew and really became a family. Being on the shows offered me so many opportunities that I will always be grateful for.

ES: What inspired you to write the L.A. Candy trilogy?

LC: I had always loved reading books and when the opportunity came for me to write I wanted to push myself to try something I hadn’t done before. It was a learning experience but one I really enjoy and have now released 6 books with more to come.

ES: You recently published a book in October 2012 called Lauren Conrad – Beauty, featuring tips on hair styling, make-up, skin care, etc. What gave you the idea to write this book?

LC: So many times fans ask or write to me about tips and “secrets” on beauty. From nails to skin to hair etc. I figured since I have worked with so many amazing artists that it would be nice to take all I have learned over the years and out it into a book. It was actually one of the hardest books to write as I didn’t realize just how many tips I had to share.

ES: You currently have two fashion lines, Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad. Can you tell us about these lines?

LC: LC Lauren Conrad is a line I sell at Kohls which offers clothes for school, work and special events. We also offer some really great shoes. The line reflects my California Chic style. Paper Crown is a line I just started a few years ago with specialty items for the contemporary woman.

ES: In 2009 you were a guest judge on the 13th season of America’s Next Top Model – I can imagine that would have been an amazing experience! What was it like?

LC: It was a great experience but it wasn’t easy. For me it’s never easy to judge people when they have all worked so hard.



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