An Interview with JESSE TEINAKI

Jesse Teinaki is a 20-year-old singer from Somerset, Tasmania and he was lucky enough to get all to way to boot camp on the last season of The X Factor Australia, and again in this year’s season. We’re super excited in Tassie that Jesse made it so far in the competition. You can check out Jesse’s songs on Youtube HERE.

Ellie: What inspired you to audition for The X Factor the first time?

Jesse: I would have to say a couple of my mates were the main reason I auditioned. I’m generally a shy person and putting myself out there is hard for me, but their spontaneous decision to pick me up early one morning landed me with an audition slip and a couple of songs picked out ready for an audition.

ES: Do you sometimes regret turning down the offer to join the boy band that the judges created, The Collective?

JT: The question was put to me about joining the boy band when I first stepped out in front the massive crowd and four judges at the live auditions. I was so nervous and wasn’t really thinking straight because of it, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it and it wouldn’t really be my thing so I said no. Later on in the show, during boot camp, I got to sing as a part of a group for the first time and enjoyed every second of it so ever since then I started regretting my decision and what I said to the judges. The fact that I was at home doing nothing but watching The Collective pass through every stage and be so good at the same time and place third, was so hard.

ES: How has your life changed after being on The X Factor?

JT: The X Factor opened my eyes. Basically I seen the reality of music, what it means to me and a little insight into the industry. It showed me that music is where I want to be, no where else. This has given me so much drive to do better and be better and to chase my dreams, I have so much determination now and I’m so confident and keen to pursue a successful career in the music industry. Round 2 sounds promising.

ES: If they were to make another boy band in the next season and you were chosen for it, would you take the offer or turn it down and leave the show?

JT: If the main feature of The X Factor was once again to make another boy band I would definitely consider it. Being a solo artist is definitely where I’ve seen myself heading but in saying that I’m not going to pass up any offers or suggestions made to me. I love music, creating it and performing it so I’m open and ready to take on anything.



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