The Ultimate Fashion Guide to Work Experience

Work experience at a fashion magazine is an amazing opportunity for anyone, and the main reason you are there is to learn about the journalism industry – it’s basically a test whether to see you last the week, figuring out if you truly want a career in that field. Obviously, you want to make a good impression, and other than your skills, personality and how good of a worker you are, there is one other main aspect to make a good first impression: fashion!

When I went to Dolly Magazine in September 2013, I confirmed my dates about a year before I actually went. That was the slowest year of my life, by the way.. from the day I knew I was going until my first day at Dolly, I was totally freaking out about what to wear. The hardest part was that I didn’t know how fancy or how casual to dress, as I didn’t want to over or under dress.

I’m 100% sure that every other girl has this dilemma before they begin their work experience, so here are a few tips about what to wear. I only have photos of my outfits from Wednesday and Friday, but I hope you get a decent idea of my outfits from the descriptions!

For my first day at Dolly headquarters, I figured I would go with something safe – a patterned high waisted skirt and a blue, sleeveless, button-up collar shirt. As for shoes, I wore plain white flats and put my hair in a sock bun to finish the outfit (basic, natural make-up is always best).

Once your first day is completed, you have a better idea of what other people will be wearing. So all you really need to worry about is day one, and then you should be fine! When I packed my bag for Sydney, I had an outfit prepared for each day – I suggest you prepare 3 outfits only, because I ended up buying completely new outfits after work and wearing them the next day anyway! My second day at Dolly, I wore a plain, knee-length black flowing skirt with a patterned t-shirt (tucked into the skirt) from Cotton On; it was simple but still classy and comfortable to move around in, which is the most important thing.

After my second day I went to Forever New and bought an amazing, silk, full-length black jumpsuit (with a thing gold belt to add some colour). Obviously I would be wearing this for the third day. The elegant jumpsuit made a great impression on the girls at Dolly, and they all commented on how amazing it was! This too was comfortable to move around in, which was lucky because we spent a few hours in the fashion department sorting out some clothes.

Day 3
Forever New jumpsuit

By Thursday, I was depressed by the fact that I only had 2 days left, when I wanted to stay there for the rest of eternity. But there was no way I was going to let that spoil the most amazing week of my life! On the fourth day, I wore a yellow, laced, high-waisted skirt (above-the-knee) with a 3/4 length white shirt from Supre’. I also wore a bold, bright-coloured necklace to be the centrepiece of the outfit. I tied my hair back most days because it was a bit warm in the office, but on this day in particular I kept my hair down to show people my ringlet curls.. they were amazed.

If you love your work experience as much as I did, this day will be extremely sad for you – but you’ve got to make the most of it! This outfit I had been saving for over a year, and I’d never worn it before this day. When I picked it out, I told my Mum that it was my work experience outfit, and I’m so glad it was because everyone loved it! Floral pants with a white singlet and pink blazer (blazers are ALWAYS a safe option, you can’t go wrong with blazers). Friday was when the Eurovision and X-Factor UK contestants, Jedward, came to the office. It was so incredible! My best advice is to always dress fabulously, because you never know which cute boy band will rock up to your work.

My workie partner, Abby, Jedward & I
My workie partner, Abby, Jedward & I

Smart-casual is the type of clothes you want to wear on work experience at a fashion magazine. My #1 tip would be to ALWAYS wear something comfortable, especially shoes. As well as walking around the office to different departments, you might be asked to walk around the city and pick-up/ drop-off some clothes from different shops. You don’t want to be doing that in high heels now would you? Flats, sandals, ankle boots or converses are always a safe way to go.

When I return to Dolly in May 2014, I will be writing about my week right here on Sincerely, E (and I will DEFINITELY remember to note what I wear each day).

At least I only have to wait 4 months until I go back now – I better get some outfits sorted…


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