An Interview with PHOEBE MONTAGUE

Reaching over 50,000 readers through social media and advertising, Phoebe Montague is noted as one of Australia’s key fashion bloggers. She’s more likely to be known as ‘Lady Melbourne’. Phoebe has been running her blog for 7 years and it only grows more fabulous by the day. Being my absolute favourite fashion blogger, I was thrilled to have the honour of interviewing Phoebe about her career. Be amazed by Lady Melbourne at the following links and enjoy:
Twitter: @ladymelbourne
Instagram: @ladymelbourne
Pinterest: @ladymelbourne

Ellie: How did you get into journalism?

Phoebe: After two years of writing the blog, I did a post grad degree in journalism at RMIT in 2009. I’d had a long burning passion to study journalism, it was dream come true.

ES: Have you always been interested in fashion?

PM: Absolutely! I wanted to be a fashion designer from a very young age.

ES: What’s your favourite aspect of the “blog-o-sphere”?

PM: The community aspect, that you can communicate with other like minded people and that there are so many niche blogs.

ES: Since Lady Melbourne started in 2007, what has been your favourite post you’ve published and why?

PM: Wow that’s really tough! I can’t say I have one, but there are a couple that stand out in my mind. This blog post about a Subfusco dress that I wore and photographed in 2010 stands out. I really love this blog post from my trip to New York last year that my brother shot at sun set, and I do love this one; The Gardener shot at an old fashioned diner in 2011.

ES: What advice do you have for young bloggers?

PM: Work hard and stay humble. If you want success you have to produce high quality content, consistently. I think a lot of people starting out think blogging will net them free clothes and celebrity status, but if you want to truly have longevity the content should be your focus.



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