Fur-enzy on Pitt Street

Strutting my way through the Pitt Street mall in the heart of Sydney, one thing remains in my mind: fashion. My favourite thing about Sydney is that people can wear anything they please without anyone even looking twice. Some might even start an unexpected fashion trend that the whole city follows, whilst others maintain their one-of-a-kind uniqueness.

After only two days of shopping in the city’s central, there are two obvious styles that are very popular – both of which I now own a lot of – leather and fur.

To your left there are fur coats and vests, and to your right there are some more furry coats and vests. Ahead of you are leather pants and jackets and behind you there are a few more leather pants and jackets. It’s an ongoing fur-leather frenzy in the shopping district and it’s a fabulous frenzy at that.

The stylish and smart thing about these two materials is that they are perfectly suited to each other. My new favourite outfit of mine includes clothes from this fashion frenzy spreading around the city.

Flower crown: Sportsgirl
Fur jacket: Big Bargains
Fur jumper: Willow & Wolf
Leather jeans: Cotton On
Jelly shoes: Cotton On

The black jacket and shoes match well with the dark navy leather jeans as they complement each other by being two dark colours. The hot purple jumper underneath breaks up the cold colours, and then adding the hot colours in the flower crown evens out the colours perfectly.

I love a bright lip and the lipstick worn in the photos above is Calypso by Napoleon Perdis. It’s one shade lighter than the fur jumper and matches the flowers in the crown to perfection. Minimal eye makeup is needed for an outfit like this that involves bold colour statements, so I went for a subtle but shimmery lid colour. To accomplish this effect I used my absolute favourite product which is Blushed Bombshell by Mineral Glow. It is a bronzer, blusher and highlighter in one but it is a perfect light shadow colour for outfits like this.

The fur and leather outfit works because it is a mixture of both cold and hot colours – those being blues and pinks. The bright colours balance out the dark jacket, jean and shoes, finishing the outfit off perfectly.

Create your own fur and leather outfit by looking for items at the following sites:


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