My New Year’s Resurrection

Instead of having a New Year’s Resolution, I thought I would have a resurrection instead.

It already feels so good to be back in the blog-o-sphere – the layout of Cheeta Cake has had an update, but that’s because I haven’t posted anything since July and I have changed since July, so my blog should too, I thought.

In the last five months I finished high school, had my 16th birthday, modelled for Girlfriend magazine, learned how to drive and went from wanting to be a journalist to a police officer. As the new year sprung upon us, I realised that I actually do have a strange passion for writing, for words and an utter love for fashion. Restarting Cheeta Cake has been on my mind for a while, although I wasn’t sure whether my readers had moved on or not (I hope my Mum isn’t the only person reading this by the way (sorry, Mum)).

Even though the appearance has changed and I am slightly older now, my writing has remained the same. Except I have learnt some new words in the last few months thanks to spending my spare time reading books (I learned anagrams from John Green and I use the word “utterly” a lot).

Apparently, I like to use brackets now, too (if you re-read the last 4 paragraphs you will see a lot of bracket usage, just like this one).

So, Cheeta Cake will remain a blog to satisfy your fashion and celebrity catch up needs and I will try not to use as many brackets in the rest of my posts (however, that is not guaranteed).

I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year!



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