How to Look Flawless at a Wedding (But Not Be the Centre of Attention)

Dressing for a wedding is seriously one of the hardest events to cater an outfit for. You want it to be sweet, gorgeous and eye-catching (as long as it doesn’t take attention away from the girl in the white dress – you know which one I mean).

I love weddings. The old friend and family catch-ups, the aroma of true love in the air as the bride and groom say “I do” and then there’s me – looking at the ground looking at everyone’s choice of shoes for the event. And yes, how sad (I just love shoes). You can tell who is dedicated to their wedding outfit and who isn’t. The ones who are go for a really nice and elegant heel, even though their feet will be covered in blisters by the end of the night. Then there are the smart girls who go for a classy flat and still look gorgeous. I wish that was me. I venture for the best heel I have, no matter the pain at the end. I’m always willing to sacrifice a foot for fashion.

Everyone wants to look nice when attending a wedding. It’s just the way it goes. If only it wasn’t so hard to do.

I tend to go for bright colours. I think it’s pretty clear that you DO NOT WEAR WHITE. No big, white, fancy dresses with seven layers of tulle and a vale in your hair. That outfit is generally already taken. Bright dresses are always a safe option, especially if the ceremony is vacated outside. But no matter the location, the brightness works. Either that, or an elegant laced pencil skirt with a nice top is beautiful too (gorgeous heels are a no-brainer).

In saying that, my first wedding outfit went something like this.

Wedding (1)I really wanted to use a picture of me wearing it but I couldn’t find any, so the next best thing was the dress. I was approximately one year old when I wore this bad boy to my parents’ wedding. As a 16-year-old wedding guest now, I don’t think this will be making a re-appearance in my size.

However, this is my favourite wedding guest dress.

Wedding (2)
Four of my many cousins in the family!

This was my outfit to one of my cousin’s wedding last year (surprisingly, I chose comfortable wedges rather than an ankle-snapping high heel). I really want to wear it to a wedding in February but the same people are going so I thought probably not. This resulted in buying a new outfit for the occasion (bye-bye money). Wedding outfits of my own have also consisted of a royal blue cocktail dress, a full-length, strapless black dress with a hint of black sequins and of course, the shoes to match. I also love wearing flower crowns on a daily basis, and weddings are no different.

Doing your make-up for a wedding, it shouldn’t be as good or better than the bride’s. Still make a decent effort, obviously. But don’t go completely out-there. A subtle smoky-eye is always a safe option. It matches any colour outfit and it doesn’t make a really bold statement. A little blush or bronzer to add some colour to your cheeks and a sweet coloured lipstick to match and you’re all set to go – you’ve perfected the look of drop-dead gorgeous without making yourself the centre of attention (as much as we’d like to be).

Weddings are all about the two people joining each other in marriage to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s definitely an event to think about your outfit carefully.

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love”

Wedding (3)


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