An Interview with KATE LEE

When I did some modelling in Sydney last year, I met some amazing people on the trip. One of them was Kate Lee. Kate was my hair and make-up artist for my photoshoot in Girlfriend magazine last year and, oh, how much fun it was. Getting to work in a studio that so many other people had previously worked in, getting dressed up like a doll by the fashion editor and being made up by the wonderful hair and make-up team. Whilst working for shows such as The Voice and The X Factor, Kate has worked with some amazing people and done some amazing things, but I will let her tell you the rest.

Follow Kate on Instagram at @kittypictures.

Ellie: What is the best part about working as a freelance make-up artist?

Kate: Oh gosh there are so many great parts, I get to meet so many interesting people, every day is a different job and different set of people to work with, new makeups to do on all types of faces. And if I don’t feel like it, I don’t have to take a job and just have a day off. But I guess the best best part of my job is I actually get paid to play with makeup all day. It’s ace!

ES: You have worked with so many amazing people – who has been your favourite to work with so far (other than myself of course)? *Laughs*

KL: You were so adorable! You are up there boo boo as a fav. Hmm this is a very very tricky one, I don’t know if I have one! I love a lot of them…can I have a top 5?

1. Robbie Williams – the most kind, down to earth person I have ever worked for.

2. Redfoo – because he’s a friend of mine and he always looks out for me.

3. Joel N Benji Madden – because I just love them both, they make you want to be the third twin, err, triplet. *Laughs*

4. 5SOS – because they are actually legends and I love going to work with them.

5. Sam Smith – because he is the next Robbie, hes kind and caring and down to earth.

ES: So many people ask me about the best way to highlight and contour their face. What tips do you have on these make-up techniques?

KL: YOUTUBE! Seriously, Youtube is amazing, when I need ideas or I want to change up the way I do makeup I research constantly on Youtube and Instagram…never stop learning! But actually this is a very hard question, it depends on your face shape your skin colour and type to whether you use a cream or powder and what you need contoured (pushed back) or highlighted (brought forward). My best advice – go to a M.A.C counter, (I’m not affiliated with them, I just think they would be the best in this case) and get them to help you. You need at least two to three different shades (concealer/foundations/powders) for contouring and one or two for highlighting.  Highlighting can be done with a light concealer/foundation/powder, you don’t always need to use a classic shimmer as a highlighter. I guess my best advice would be less is more, and build up, go outside and see if your work is to OTT and everyone will think perhaps you stroked out during your makeup session. Take some selfies and check your work and take off some or add some. You will be Kylie Jenner in no time. *Laughs*. I think this is confusing, maybe I need to do a full topic on this.

ES: As a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

KL: I’d been sneaking my mum’s makeup since I can remember, I used to use her purple eye shadow when I was very young to make bruises, but I guess I really knew when I was 13, I knew this is what I wanted. For my 13th birthday I made my mum and dad drive out to god knows where, it took forever to get there, and I made them buy me a SPFX kit, with blood and scars and guts etc.. I made my little brother dead so many times and would take polaroids of him. *Laughs*. I’m clearly crazy. But I went to college at 19 and learnt makeup, I ended up hating special effects and went into beauty and hair. Which I love!

ES: I know you love this so I will ask you to tell my readers: who is your best friend?

KL: I actually have three best friends, I call them my circle, but I guess we actually make up a square, but I call them my circle because we have a circle of trust. Nothing that goes in comes out.

1. KK (Kristy) fashion ed at Girlfriend.. KK and I worked together for over 7 years now. We have been through it all together, shes seen my highs and lows and was there for me when no else was. I love her! #andthenhewasgay (Inside joke).

2. Katy – she is a wicked makeup artist and blogger, we spend most days texting and talking rubbish to each other as best friends do. We are so close we would hide bodies for each other. Yeah that’s right. *Laughs*. JK, but no really…

3. Shelly – she is a photog at Pacific Mags, she shoots for all the mags across the brands, she’s so talented it’s crazy. I’ve known her a really really long time I cant even remember, like 9 years maybe? I love them so much.

Would you rather:

  • An elephant sized puppy or a puppy sized elephant? Puppy sized Elephant for shiz! My fav animal is a pygmy elephant.
  • One Direction or 5SOS? I’ve met two of 1D, but still 5SOS all the way!
  • Red lips or nude lips? I like nude on myself but a lip is in so do red ladies.
  • High heels or comfy flats? I’m 5 foot nothing! HEELS BABY! But pack flats, who needs sore feet..
K Lee (1)
Girlfriend magazine, May 2014



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