Where do I start with the Doctors Rocksters? There is so much I could say, but I want to leave that to them. Based in Tasmania, Clinton Hutton and Richard Evetts are the boys behind this killer band. The purpose of this interview was for them to present their brand new music video, The Rise of the Native Hens. Click HERE to watch it and I strongly suggest that you do.

Ellie: Let’s get the big news done first – a new music video! It represents you guys perfectly. It’s humourous, unique and a great song. First of all, tell me about what inspired the song.

Clinton: I’ve been fascinated by these little creatures for as long as I have been alive. They have land speeds up to 50kms an hour, make all kinds of strange noises and basically live alongside us freely. There had to be a song written about them, I guess. We had this killer Eastern Arabic style riff that inspired the theme, it all just came together from there.

Richard: As the music came together we discovered this term alektorophobia, which means a fear of chickens and/or other fowls and the lyrics just evolved from there.

ES: The video is hilarious and so entertaining. How long has it been in the making? I didn’t know you guys could act, too!

CH:The video was in the pipeline for about 6 months. We were planning on using a main actor, however it became very difficult to organize the filming. We realised that to get the job done we would have to act in the film-clip ourselves. We’re still not sure whether we can act, but we certainly had fun trying.

RE: One thing’s for sure, we had no idea what we were doing. We just set out one day, filmed in a bunch of locations, conned random people to act in various scenes and then just threw it all together and hoped for the best!

ES: Taking it back a step now – how did you two start playing music together?

RE: We were actually at high school together in the early 90’s. In about grade 7-8 we started playing guitar, forming bands, trying to sing and playing a lot of Metallica! We all went our separate ways for a decade or so. Then about 6 years ago we hooked up for a one-off jam that led to playing a gig and we just kept getting booked from there and here we are today!

ES: Any person who knows you guys or has seen you play will know that you like to have fun. Whether it be by wearing costumes or altering lyrics. What has been your favourite gig to play?

CH: The correct answer would be all of them! But there has been a handful that really stick out. The Ghost Rock Vineyard concerts have certainly been a highlight for me.

RE: We’ve had some great house parties and theme parties that have been particularly memorable. One of my favourites was very early on. It was a Circus theme party where everybody was dressed up and someone actually got shot out of a canon (sort of)!

ES: What do you think sets you apart from other musicians? Is it the humour or something different entirely?

CH: We’re both passionate and serious about entertaining people and having a great time! We do play some interesting versions of songs I guess. Maybe people just think we’re a bit sillier than most other bands or something.

RE: We’re constantly gigging and it’s also our full-time job, which means we can be highly committed to music. Humour and having a great time is always something that has come fairly naturally to us.

ES: What do you think is the best aspect of the music industry?

CH: Playing good gigs where they have a green room with a fully stocked fridge and plenty of food.

RE: Getting to meet and photo-bomb some of my musical idols!

ES: Describe each other in three words.

CH:  Rare, brilliant and sweaty.

RE: Persistent, courageous and neurotic.

Follow Richard and Clinton on their Facebook page and their website at the links below:

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