An Interview with KAYLA GREGG

There are so many wonderful words to describe Kayla Gregg. Over the last few months, I have come to know Kayla quite well and it is an absolute pleasure at the least. You cannot find a more down-to-earth, talented and caring young woman. We always manage to have a good laugh about how much we adore food whilst watching TV on the couch. Kayla will be representing Tasmania at the national finals of Miss Universe Australia next weekend. She has been involved in the modelling industry long enough to understand how it works and how to make yourself known in it.

Kayla has also just launched her new website which you can look at HERE. Thank you Kayla and we wish you the best of luck at the finals in June.

Ellie: What is your favourite aspect of the modelling industry?

Kayla: Variety – hands down. I love a challenge and the modelling industry gives me that. It has provided me with the freedom to be doing something different each and every day – it is truly a blessing. You never know what you might have the opportunity to do – one day I might be strutting down a catwalk and the next I might have my hair in some elaborate doo whilst playing the fool in front of a photographer. Just recently I have started to dabble in the field of pageantry and at the same time have had the opportunity to become an ambassador for the Tasmanian Heart Foundation and its Go Red for Women campaign.

ES: What are you looking forward to the most at the national finals of Miss Universe?

KG: I am really looking forward to having, what is essentially, one great big weekly slumber party with likeminded girls from all over the country. It is going to be an absolute ball. I am perhaps as equally excited to have a reason to dress up every day and to learn trade skills from Australia’s best.

ES: What are you least looking forward to?

KG: Early mornings! Also, missing out on my study week for exams. But hey, small sacrifices!

ES: Tell us about your new website and blog.

KG: I can tell you that it is all going live within the next week or so thanks to esc design, and that I am ridiculously excited. However, mum is the word on all other details – you will just have to pop on over and check it out!

ES: Being from Tasmania, you are already a huge inspiration to all of us here. Do you have any advice for people wanting to be involved in the industry?

KG: Aren’t you just the cutest! My advice is to remain focused on who it is you truly want to be, don’t ever sacrifice your health and, or, happiness and be willing and able to say ‘no’. I have personally been able to do this by surrounding myself with positive, supportive and down to earth friends and family members (love you guys!).

ES: Just to make you laugh, what is your favourite food?

KG: Finally! The important stuff! In all seriousness, food does not get any better than my mother’s home-made lasagna.




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