“She Asked Me How to Spell Orange”

It’s that time of year when social lives go out the window, the abundance of maths books come in and any chance of being stress-free has retired. Well, for college students, that is.

We are currently in our first week of exams and, yes, here I am writing for you. Two weeks ago our teachers said, “You should start studying for exams six weeks prior”. Now, if I can do my math correctly, that number is invalid. The limit does not exist.

I planned on writing about how to quit the common habit of procrastinating, but I had to study and I think writing it would have been procrastinating. So as an alternative, I am writing during exam week. Clever? I think so.

Anyway, exam week – 900 teenagers frantically tapping away at their keyboards, doing their best to memorise the formula for finding the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle and the hidden themes within The Book Thief. And who said college wouldn’t be fun? However, as a current hard-core studier myself, I think that the pressure of exams is totally over-rated.

(I was being sarcastic when I called myself a hard-core studier. Obviously, because here I am). But I was dead-serious about the exaggerated efforts of exams. How people expect teenagers to concentrate for a three hour exam, I will never know. Plus, there are four exams. Yucky.

A very large majority of people I know are planning on going to university. A week ago, I was contemplating whether I should finish college or get a full-time job. I am not an under-achiever, but I really think that the workload and the stress of exams are utterly over-rated for people who don’t necessarily need it.

In saying so, everybody needs to know their basic English and maths, if not more. I adore my English class and maths is okay when you understand what the hell is going on. Other than these two things, we attend Year 11 and 12 to prepare for university, no? You gain the points you need, make some new friends, build your knowledge and out you go. But what if you don’t plan on a future at uni? What if none of the classes relate to what you actually want to do?

As the college population study until their brains pop, I am sitting in the library writing. And not writing essays or trigonometry formulas. I am writing this, and it is probably the best decision of my education (sorry Mum, you might think otherwise). I think people get a lot more out of something they actually enjoy doing, whether it be studying for exams or writing a blog post.

20 and even 10 years ago, going to college was not important. Neither of my parents attended, and I know a lot of other people who didn’t bother with it. But it is compulsory for our generation if you’re not employed full-time. I love the college environment. So many people can be themselves and you meet such a broad range of personalities. And it is because of these people who don’t even know my name, as to why I will stay here and participate in the absolutely over-the-top pressure of exams.

I think I have spent a solid three hours avoiding my preparation for my maths by writing this (although I am not one bit shamed by my efforts this morning). I understand not everybody will agree with my opinions, but I am also aware that some will. I write in hoping people gain something from reading Sincerely, E. Whether it be knowing somebody else understands your thoughts on school, being inspired to be unique by the abundance of fashion photos or laughing at the Mean Girls reference in the second paragraph and in the title of this post.

Good luck to all those studying hard, to those going to a job they love and to those who are attending college genuinely for the social aspect of things.


One thought on ““She Asked Me How to Spell Orange”

  1. Ellie that is spot on. And I didn’t get the ‘Mean Girls’ reference, I haven’t seen the movie 🙂
    You have a very entertaining style.

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