An Interview with AMY JEAN

Aussie girl Amy Jean is an internationally recognised eyebrow Goddess. From NSW to the big bad world, Amy is mostly known for her services as a cosmetic tattoo artist. This includes eyebrows, lips – you name it – she also offers eyelash lifts and extensions. Working in the make-up and beauty industry, the work of Amy Jean is intriguing to me and obviously I was dying to know more about it.

We talked about the famous people she tattoos (Naomi Campbell, Dannii Minogue and Mel B, to name a few), her latest procedures – eyeliner and lip tattoos, and what makes her job so damn cool.

Ellie: What were you like growing up? Were you always intrigued by make-up?

Amy: Totally, I did classical ballet from a young age so I was backstage learning the art of stage makeup from age 5.

ES: You have worked with quite a number of well-known celebs – any that have had you a little starstruck?

AJ: My first major celeb client was Dannii Minogue and she is the ultimate sweetheart. She cuddled me hello and goodbye and told me she loved what I did for her and she would support me on social media all the way. She lived up to her promise and I’m forever grateful. I think she was the cause for putting me at ease with celebrities from that point on. However, working with Naomi Campbell gave me the jitters until I realized how much we chatted each time!

ES: Your latest releases involve lip and eyeliner tattooing – even the thought of never drawing my eyeliner again makes me excited for this.. – what are the benefits of these procedures?

AJ: “Time saving” is the major benefit, especially for mothers or women on the go. Older women with compromised eye sight are turning to semi permanent makeup to avoid straining in the mirror on a daily basis. But most of all, eyeliner and lip liner application can be very hit and miss. If the symmetrical design is there to wake up to, it takes the stress out of designing these lines every day.

ES: What is your favourite beauty trend and why?

AJ: Thicker brows! So many of my clients were victims of the over-tweezed era and thin brows are so ageing on the face. If you allow your brows to grow and don’t over-tweeze , your brows will remain soft and manageable for years to come.

ES: How would you describe your job in one sentence?

AJ: If you live and breathe your passion, you might be one of the lucky ones who get to refer to it as your job.

Amy’s Treatment Suggestions : 
Amy Jean Lash Elevate $115
Amy Jean Micro Feather Touch Brow Tattoo from $895

Product Suggestions :
Amy Jean Brow Ink $35
Amy Jean Brow Velvet $55

(Available at and Amy Jean Eye Couture Salons Nationally).

To learn more about Amy’s work, click HERE. It’s worth the visit – promise.



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