The Time I Wore Fluoro Jeans to Disneyland

2012, I partied it up in Los Angeles big time. And when I say party, I mean I had just turned 12 and there was a premiere party for the new Tron Legacy movie at Disneyland. It was a party, nonetheless. I rarely, if at all, mention such events for one pure reason, and I blame my mum for it. She allowed me to do it, and even though it was partially my choice, if she cared enough, she would have said something.

I went to California and spent five days consecutive days at Disneyland. It was the craziest time of my life, and I can’t even bring myself to look at the photos, let alone share them. It’s 2016 – I think it’s time to release the images.

USA (12)
The party scene at Disneyland

Now, this was a time before iPhones and iPods were popular, so my images from travelling were minimal because I just had a cute little tourist camera. This is the only photo I have of the Tron party. There were performers, musicians, dancing, people everywhere.

USA (13)
Lookin’ fly like a tourist

AND THIS IS WHAT I WORE. I rock up, my first day exploring paradise, in high tops, fluoro blue jeans, a pink flannie and a jacket three sizes too big. To Disneyland… And this is why it is all my mum’s fault. SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING. I’m sure she had good intentions in her heart, but seriously – it’s six years later and I still think about it on a regular basis. So, this was my extravagant party outfit (imagine if I went there now? I don’t even want to think about it. I’d be planning my outfit two years in advance). We spent New Year’s Eve at Disneyland, and I don’t have visual evidence that I was there, apart from some poor quality 10 second videos. So, I just keep that to myself because it was the most spectacular night of my life.


The next stop after five days in Anaheim was Hollywood. Obviously, I was not as fashion-focused then as what I am now.. Probably one of the very few things I remember about Hollywood was the Walk of Fame. I enjoyed having the knowledge that the people’s names I was walking on, had also walked on them too – Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres – you name them and they’ve been there.

USA (7)

Look at that beanie. Lord, save me now. I actually bought that in Hollywood. I thought that was pretty unreal. You hear so many people talking about that Hollywood sign. You know the one? I was expecting a close up view of it on a bus tour or something. But no. In Hollywood Boulevard, there’s this three-story building with little shops in it, and there’s a clear walkway that you stand in, and that is the only place you can see the sign from. And it’s like, 2 kilometres away from it. I don’t even have a photo because my tiny tourist camera couldn’t zoom that far. So, there’s a fun fact if you plan on visiting Hollywood to see the sign. Don’t.

USA (3)
Christina’s house after her crazy party..

Although, we did go on one bus tour, and it is probably the most cliche’ activity to partake in when in a place like that. The tour of the celeb houses. But I loved it. It was so much fun. We saw the prison that Lindsay Lohan was restricted to, a few hotels owned by Leo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, the home of Michael Jackson and so many more. As we were snapping away like Aussie tourists (which we were, funnily enough), we stopped out the front of Christina Aguilera’s house. There were cars lined up the street and people in uniforms walking in and out of the gated home with bags of rubbish. My fellow tourist buddies on the bus were asking the driver what was going on, so he had a bit of a suss and informed us that she’d had a big house party the night before that needed cleaning up. The driver said, “Now you can go home and tell your friends that you went to an ‘after party’ at Christina’s house”. Good one, bus driver.

USA (4)
The ride where I (almost) spent my last moments

I went on a wooden roller coaster at one of the world’s best theme parks, Six Flags Mountain, and I almost experienced death. First of all, it was all made of this really thin wood, which would have been a bad enough sign anyway. It was called the Colossus, and I say was because it caught fire and burned down. Anyway, it looked very unsafe but none of the other rides at the park interested me, so Mum and I decided on this one. We were strapped in and I regretted the decision instantly. As we slowly crept up the unstable ride, the cart was bunny-hopping it’s way to the top and I thought I might actually not make it back to the bottom. I screamed the whole way around it and probably shed a few tears, believing I would spend my last moments on a shitty roller coaster in LA. I returned safely on solid ground. A few years ago, the whole park was abandoned and left to rot, and this ride caught on fire and is no longer with us (R.I.P), but Six Flags Mountain is now up and running and is the first roller coaster theme park to be filled with virtual roller coaster rides. They have literally gone from one extreme to the other – highly dangerous and life-threatening wooden killing machines to calmly sitting in a chair that feels like it moves but it’s not really. I don’t know what’s better.

I feel like there’s so much more to say because there are so many places I’ve seen but never spoken of. But hey, it’s 900 words later and we can save those for another time. Like the time I went to Cyprus and ate what I thought was beef, and it wasn’t beef..

Until next time..




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