The Wonders of Willow & Wolf

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be.

Especially if you pay a visit to the girls at Willow & Wolf. Originally in Burnie and now in Launceston, the boutique store has just had a revamp and the clothes continue to take your breath away, as they always do. Even my jumbled dictionary of words cannot describe the love I have for the clothing at Willow & Wolf, so I will let the photos do the talking.

If I photographed every piece of clothing I have from W&W, we may be here for a long, long, long time. I picked some of my favourite and newest purchases, with a few extra items that were sponsored from the amazing team at the store.

You can shop online and follow my favourite boutique by scrolling to the end of this post and finding all the links there.

My all-time weakness is walking into Willow & Wolf and spending a week’s worth of my pay in one hit.. I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter.


I tend not to be the type of girl to wear beige because my skin tone is so pale, but an extra two minutes in the morning to spray some wash-off tan was totally worth it. One of the good things about this outfit is the colour of the top tends not to wash you out so much when it is paired with this beyond-amazing Aztec-style skirt. The sequins that make up the skirt are not in the slightest bit scratchy, making it for a comfortable and flexible wear. Pair the top and skirt with these gorgeous thigh-high boots, and you are all set for a night out on the town, a fancy dinner or just a casual visit to the park in the pouring rain- like me.


I either wear the most outrageous outfits to very casual events or wear very grunge-looking outfits to fancy events.. there’s no harm in being a little different. 9 times out of 10 I am seen wearing this outfit on both Saturdays and Sundays – it is so comfortable, but I still feel like I’m not just wearing casual clothes. Baby pink is my all-time favourite colour at the moment, so I wear this jacket absolutely everywhere. Bomber jackets are suddenly all the rage, and it’s not often you can find them in this colour (you can shop this jacket from W&W HERE). I picked the starry choker up as an impulse buy at the counter, but I have worn it every day since I got it. This is such a cool and comfortable grunge outfit, and I love dressing it up a little with some black heels as opposed to my sparkly Converses.


When I slipped into this gorgeous red dress for the first time today, I was so excited about how comfortable it was. Most tight-fitting dresses are always a little awkward to wear out when you have to waddle like a penguin to check yourself out in the bathroom. But, I was quite happy with myself as I strutted through the park taking wide strides in my heels. This dress is 100% versatile – you can dress it up with this super cosy faux fur coat, or wear it on it’s own with some comfortable shoes for a fun night out on the town. If I’m not wearing my favourite bomber then I take things to a whole new level and wear the fur jacket everywhere. It’s unbelievably gorgeous and so warm in this freezing Tasmanian weather.


My #1 favourite piece out of all my outfits are these gorgeous boots – I can’t stop looking at them! Pulled up to the thigh, they keep your legs toasty warm, or you can roll them down for a more casual look. Personally, I thought they were cheap as chips considering the amazing quality – you MUST have a pair! I’ve been too focused on the boots and completely forgot about my great love for this amazing shirt. I saw it in the shop and instantly fell in love just for the sleeves alone. Taking these photos, I tried not to look like a goose showing them off, but seriously.. how else do you do it? I wear it with everything, but I adore the mustard colour of this felt skirt, which was always my favourite piece to show off in the school hallways.


This is currently my favourite outfit because there is not one small thing that makes me not want to wear it. The black mesh bodysuit is super comfortable, as long as you remember to wear something underneath it, of course.. I adore the leather skirt not only because it is my favourite colour, but because the comfort level is at about 247%. Matched with my absolute favourite jacket and totally versatile black boots, you can’t go wrong with this outfit. I’ve worn it out for tea, to parties and will be wearing it out on the town as long as people with sticky drinks stay approximately 3 metres away from the jacket.


This skirt has featured in another Willow & Wolf post of mine, but it’s just so adorable and cute. I call it my Carrie Bradshaw skirt – I can’t not think of the Sex and the City fashion icon every time I put it on. It is a classic of mine, but to keep it interesting, I buy a new crop to wear with it every few weeks.. I love this pink, long-sleeve crop. Again, the colour sold me, but I loved that I wouldn’t have to dress it up with any necklaces or jewellery because of the amazing crossed halter-neck. Doing it up and undoing it is a simple job, with an easy gold clip on the back that you can alter with just one hand – this is a bonus when you are out and your main gal has gone missing in action.

You know how at pubs and nightclubs, they stop serving people alcohol when they have had too much to drink? I think it is about time the girls at Willow & Wolf stop serving me when I have spent over my weekly budget.. But who can help themselves when there is an incredible array of new stock constantly pouring through the shop doors?

Do yourself a huge favour, whether you are looking for an elegant, formal dress, casual work attire or a fun party outfit – the girls at Willow & Wolf will offer you their amazing services and provide you with the perfect outfit, or if you’re like me, the perfect wardrobe.

Keep up with the latest at W&W by following the social media links below, or shop online at their website. I would highly recommend visiting the store in person if you live close by, the renovations are looking fabulous!



INSTAGRAM: @thewillowandwolf

SNAPCHAT: @thewillowandwolf


Until next time (when I have 67 new outfits to show off),



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