35 Days, 6 Lessons and 18 Years

35 days later and people still ask, “so, how does it feel?”. To begin with, my answer was blunt and sassy. I don’t know, I feel regular? It’s just another day.. My response was not incorrect. Birthdays are generally just another day. Apparently, the celebrations of entering adulthood is a completely different story.

I can’t say I am overly wise as I have only been an adult for 35 days, even though I like to pretend I know absolutely everything. Since my 18th birthday, the responsibilities of adult life have hit me as hard as I hit the gym – which is not very. Although, in this short period I have spent trying to be a grown-up gal, there are lessons I have learned that changed my whole perspective on every aspect of life – six lessons, to be exact.

It’s easier to lose yourself than to find yourself.

I looked everywhere. Under the bed, the back of the fridge, the enormous and continuously growing pile of clothes that used to be my bedroom, I even searched every shop in town – and I still couldn’t find me. Which is a coincidence considering I forgot who I was in approximately .23 seconds. I’m not certain as to what the trigger was – whether it was the overwhelming pressure of being an adult, partying every weekend or the mass amounts of bullsh*t life hands us. My attitude went from being an average sass queen to the most demanding and self-absorbed princess anyone has ever seen. I picked up my favourite book for the first time in a long time this week, and what would you know – I found myself right there on the first page.

Every problem feels 100 times more intense than it should.

It may just be the fact we are so young that we assume the world revolves around us. A broken heart may as well be a broken bone – they both shatter without warning. Losing friends feels like when you lose your mum in the supermarket and you panic and cry until you find her. The only difference is some friends stay lost. The intensity of heartbreak is amplified to the max until you realise there are more important things going down in the universe than people who don’t have time for you.

Occasionally, money can buy happiness.

Sometimes when nobody else will treat you, it’s nice to spoil yourself. Money brought me contentment because my happiness includes clothes, jewellery, books and shoes. So, the answer is yes – money can buy happiness, even though it leaves your bank account horrendously depressed.

The greatest friendships are usually the unexpected ones.

Friends come and go, much like the rain in Tassie. The departure of long-term friendships is a tricky situation to handle, but deciding who to focus your energy on is an easy choice when you meet the right people. Some of the closest friends in my life are people I strolled past every day at school and never spoke a word to, and now two years later, they are the source of my decision to live life adventurously and I have never been more grateful.

Don’t go too hard before you hit the town.

Just don’t do it. The only thing I need to do is not be in bed by 10pm on a Saturday night and texting Mum asking for a cheeseburger. Or three.

Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

Seriously, why would you?

Dedicate time and effort into meeting new people. Always indulge in something you love. Treat your broken heart like a broken bone – wrap it up tight and wait for it to heal. Spoil yourself. Don’t get drunk before 8pm on cheap wine, even if your friends encourage it. And I would much rather shake my booty than be moody.

Apparently I have learned more about life in the last 35 days than I ever did in 18 years. As it turns out, hitting adulthood does make you feel different. It makes you feel inspired, sparkly and not very well on Sunday mornings.


2 thoughts on “35 Days, 6 Lessons and 18 Years

  1. *** SPARKLE away Little El ***

    btw,.. if YOU wanna get drunk on cheap wine before 8pm, for whatever reason YOU wanna…. DO IT!!!


  2. I read the entire thing in your voice 😂 time enough I had a look at what all the fuss is about I suppose. You’re a wonderful writer and happy valentines day honey I’ll see you tonight xo

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