An Interview with AMY SHARK

Anyone starting the new year with a #1 single on the iTunes and Aria charts, second place on triple j’s Hottest 100 and a song peaking at 10 million plays on Spotify is more than likely guaranteed a great 2017 – that’s the case for one Gold Coast artist who has warmed Australia’s hearts.

In case the last four months haven’t been exhilarating enough for Amy Shark, today is the release of her brand new EP, Night Thinker. I often imagine what life would be like if everything just fell into place (and by ‘fell into place’ I mean literally stumble through the forest whilst tripping over rocks and dodging spiders until you reach your destination). Success does not come over night, although that may seem the case for Amy Shark after her single Adore peaked at #2 on Australia’s most notorious music countdown, triple j’s Hottest 100.

I had a full script of questions written word-for-word sitting in front of me waiting for my phone call to be connected to Amy. My extremely thought-out plan did not go to schedule once I was put on hold and contemplated what I was doing. I had been playing Adore on my SoundCloud playlist the last few months, and my phone was ringing hers, waiting to interview her about Night Thinker. So, I said none of what was written in front of me and let my brain do all the work, that was moving at a speed I could not give you in valid numbers. You’re welcome in advance for non-structured questions, great answers and maybe apologies to Amy Shark – we’ll see.

“I honestly didn’t see it coming. Listening to the countdown, I actually thought I’d missed it. I heard Tash Sultana’s Jungle at number three and instantly assumed I couldn’t beat that – I must have missed it.”

As the song got bigger and the crowds were growing wider, Amy began her Adore Tour before today’s release of Night Thinker. She kicked things off in Tasmania’s capital city where she received more than enough love from her fans.

“The people there were fantastic – just beautiful. Everyone made a point to come back to Tassie, so I will definitely be coming back. It was such a nice vibe, I’d love to come back for longer next time to explore Tasmania properly.”

“Right now, I’m playing a sold out tour. I am so grateful that I am playing at venues where people are actually lining up to get into my shows – I’m so used to playing at shitty, dead bars. Going from that, to this, is insane.”

Before Amy Shark’s music career went to being one of the most successful ones currently in Australia, she was a full-time videographer. She told me that she was “actually alright” at it – so much in fact that she was about to be sent abroad to Bali and Alaska to work.

“Music has always been hold a lot higher in my heart. It must have been meant to be – I didn’t push the music, it just came – and now I’m left with Adore and my EP Night Thinker and couldn’t be more excited that things happened this way.”

“Lots of musicians want to be where I am right now. It’s exciting – like every day is a celebration. Every crowd is different, each having their own groove and their own banter amongst each other. This whole experience is new, shiny and really exhausting, but I’m gonna make the most of it.”

Groovin’ the Moo is Amy’s next pit stop before touring with German group Milky Chance, finishing on a high-note at Darwin’s music festival, Bass in the Grass.

Night Thinker is available NOW at the link below where you can also find all the possible ways to keep up with Amy Shark and her whirlwind of a life.

“I’ve been working on this EP for a while now. I actually wrote the guitar part for Adore about 5 years ago. Thanks to the success of my single, my confidence has grown even more so and I’ve been able to work with some amazing producers on this EP.”

Keep up to date with the latest news from Amy Shark at the following links:

Twitter: @AmySharkMusic
Instagram: @amysharkmusic

You can download Night Thinker HERE.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Sony Music Australia for allowing a nervous and half-professional teenage blogger chat to a very professional Australian music icon. It was mildly daunting but extremely rewarding. I am forever grateful to Sony for not thinking I was a crazy fan who just wanted to extend my love to Amy Shark (which I also did).



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