An Interview with RACHEL BURKE

Once upon a time, I went on the hunt for a unique, glitter-loving artist to spark some inspiration for my own work. Luckily for me, my search was a short one. Based in Brisbane, DIY content blogger Rachel Burke works alongside some of the biggest brands around the world, including Frankie magazine, Splendour in the Grass and Italian Vogue.

I noticed Rachel Burke’s quirky selfies in Frankie magazine, showcasing a photo shoot that inspired my own pieces of art to come. Rachel is a photographer, stylist, designer and author with a flare for quirky words and masses of glitter, just like me.

Her blog, I Make. You Wear It. has become popular worldwide, along with her latest publication, Daphne & Daisy – a book about her two Insta-famous Sausage Dogs. And yes, it’s as cute as it sounds.

The self-portraits I discovered in Frankie weren’t your usual selfies. With minimal facial features involved, lots of glitter and her iconic strawberry-blonde locks, Rachel’s images are hard to pass by.

Through this ongoing series of portraits I am exploring my own relationship to the materials I use in my design and art work.  I am trying to toy with the idea of the materials being an extension of myself, and figuring out how they form the identity that I am presenting to the world.”

The pure uniqueness (not the mention the mass of tinsel and glitter) of Rachel’s Instagram feed blows me away every time I low-key stalk her creations.. her studio, the materials; everything down to the ankle-height sausage dogs following her every move. One of the most stand-out things about Rachel for me, is her fashion.

“I love telling a story and I love the idea that through garments and props another world can be created.  I feel like the world I create in my photographs is my own world… no one else can dwell there without me saying so.”

I Make. You Wear It is the ultimate blog, with the ultimate author. It’s like watching the world through a new set of eyes, and those eyes see lots of sparkling tinsel jackets and pom-poms.

This is my blog where I document my day to day adventures. I used to update it every day, but now I kind of use it more as a space for reflection and journaling.  It is definitely at the heart of ‘the worlds’ I create.”

Gawking over the abundance of incredible work by Rachel, there was one Frankie editorial photoshoot that sparked interest. Lighten Up is the series I used as inspiration for my own pieces of artwork – the mystery of hidden faces and the purpose of her chosen materials got the better of me, I was dying to find out the hidden meaning.

Like many photographers, I guess I try to tell a narrative throughout my editorials.  This shoot played with the idea of a girl spending so much time in her own home that she literally becomes ‘part of the furniture’.  The idea for including all the lampshades evolved from there, and once again I guess I gravitated toward the idea of obscuring faces and the concept of merging materials with the body.”

Rachel is currently focussing on her every-growing collection of tinsel jackets and mini hats made of pom-poms for Daphne and Daisy. Since the successful release of her first book, a second publication is in the process.
Keep up to date with Rachel’s upcoming masterpieces at the links below:



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