Confessions of a Procrastination Junkie

Did anyone else blink and miss all of 2017, or was that just me? I vaguely recall doing some online shopping, voting YES in the Marriage Equality Postal Survey, reading some books, and watching Donald Trump make some questionable decisions whilst in charge of America.

Somewhere mid-blink, I lost my passion to be organised, motivated, and hard-working – three things that I loved about myself six months ago, and three things that I’m not anymore. I stopped reading books (I love books), ignored assignments as they piled up on my laptop and lost any sense of motivation to socialise or do the things I loved. It’s not that I had no time, I had too much time. I wasn’t myself (am I even back yet? WHERE ARE YOU?) – sitting down to write essays with nothing to say, opening a blank page on The Ell Diaries, literally speechless. And that’s what got me the most – writing is the one thing I’ve always been capable of, and I couldn’t even do that. What was wrong with me?

I can procrasinate better than most people (is that something you even brag about?). I’ll always find memes that needs to be laughed at, a Youtube video that hasn’t been watched or a chocolate bar in the kitchen that’s dying to be eaten. But why is it always at it’s best when there’s a due date?

From one last-minute junkie to another, a tight deadline is a great motivator. I’m editing this post mere hours before it will be published. Today, I sat a university exam that received minimal minutes (yes, minutes – not hours) of study time.

I feel you, fellow procrastinator. Life is hard when you have to fit study, work, socialising, eating, Riverdale AND Stranger Things all into one week. Sometimes the days go so fast, I’m watching the first episode of Stranger Things 2 one day, and finishing the season the next. And then there’s the other days that feel as slow as watching 100-year-old tortoises in a 50km race.

I planned this article with the aim to give some advice on overcoming procrastiation, but I don’t have any. If I did, it wouldn’t have taken me three weeks to finally sit down and write something instead of stare at my blank screen for three hours. Instead, here’s my list of short-term goals I’m determined to achieve (if I share them, someone can stop me on the street and make sure I’m doing it):

  • Find your passion – harder than it sounds, but challenges make it more rewarding, right?
  • Try new things and find a new hobby – eg. ………. anything but sports?
  • Go back to university in March with a fresh, eager-to-learn mindset
  • Keep reading books (reading the same ones over and over doesn’t count)
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you (anyone know where to find Sarah Jessica Parker??)
  • Put 110% into EVERYTHING.

I’ve never been one to struggle with goal-setting, motivation and dedication – tell me your goals, share your advice, and ask other people what their goals are. They may be the ones who inspire you.

Enjoy what’s left of 2017, if I blink one more time, I’m afraid I might miss it.

(I hope reading this wasn’t your way of procrastinating???)






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