An Interview with ANGIE MCMAHON

This year has already proven to be an absolute banger for Melbourne singer-songwriter, Angie McMahon. Her debut single, Slow Mover, did in fact slowly move it’s way up the charts – and not just any charts… McMahon landed the #33 spot in triple j’s 2017 Hottest 100. She’s the supporting act for Angus and Julia Stone’s upcoming Australian tour, claims to be 90% spaghetti bolognese on Instagram, and if you keep reading, you’ll find there’s a new album in the works, too.

Whilst Angie oozes charisma and charm, her strong vocals and catchy guitar tunes are what captured the hearts of Australians around the nation. Slow Mover is somewhat of a masterpiece from somebody so fresh to the music charts.

angie mcmahon (1)

A masterpiece! Ah that is definitely too kind, thank you. That song is inspired by a whole bunch of things. I had written the chorus months before the verses, and it was about wanting fire and passion from someone else.

By the time I finished the whole song, it felt more about tapping into my own passion and energy, and accepting that I am a confused and chaotic little person. I think it sounds how it does because I was listening to (and so inspired by) rock ‘n’ roll women, like Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes and Mia Dyson.”

For someone who hasn’t heard of Angie McMahon (and believe me, you soon will), her music is “emotionally charged, moderate rock-pop, something-something.. as described by the artist herself. Her unique sound resonates with it’s listeners, broadcasting relatable, heart-felt lyrics, much like Australian folk duo, Angus and Julia Stone. Kicking off in April, Angie will be performing at the beloved brother-sister-duo’s shows all around Australia.

angie mcmahon (2)

“I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful manager and booking agent who are helping me pursue opportunities like this. When they asked me about the Angus and Julia tour, I said yes straight away.

Before a show, I put on the Middle Kids EP and dance around in my room, or in the dressing room if I’m alone in there. Do some vocal warm-ups, have some red wine, and try not to eat foods that will make me burp on stage.


We’ve had Slow Mover on repeat since it’s release, but that’s all about to change. Fans of Angie McMahon are itching for new music to once again chuck on repeat. With the launch of a new single and album on the way, they don’t have to wait much longer.

I’m working on recording an album, and that will come out later in the year, wahoo! We’ll release a few more singles from the album before the whole thing comes out, and I’m hoping to play a whole bunch of gigs in new places and see how people react to the songs.

Listen to Angie McMahon’s debut single, Slow Mover, here.

You can also find her website here, or try clicking here for her Facebook, or maybe even here to follow her on Instagram.


A big thank you to Angie for the interview and to Charlotte from Hear Hear Group for making it all happen.




Images 1 & 2 captured by Ian Laidlaw
Images 3 & 4 captured by Rhea Caldwell

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