It’s My Party and I’ll Stay Sober If I Want To

“Come on, just have one drink!”
“Have a shot! It won’t kill you!”
“Why are you always such a party-pooper?
“Stop being so BORING.”

Scribbling notes in my favourite note pad one day (I do this every day FYI), I started taking note of the things people had said to me on a night out and why it makes me so damn uncomfortable. My notes turned out to be three pages long. Always being the sober girl on a night out is my decision, believe it or not! Nothing against all you party-lovin’, alcohol-drinkin’ guys and girls out there, because don’t get me wrong – if there’s a drink I think is tasty (rare) and I’m in the mood for one (also rare), then 10/10 hit me with it! I’m just one of those people that would rather take my free soft drink from the bar and drive myself home when I please.

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For some reason, there’s always those people that are offended if you don’t drink alcohol. “You don’t drink? WHAT?! What’s the matter with you?” Um, hi – I’m a regular person just like you, hun. Minus the seven shots, slurred vocabulary and tipsy walking. We’re the same! Not drinking alcohol doesn’t make me boring, or an old lady, or an arrogant, self-centered party-pooper. People don’t seem to mind my soberness when they realise I am the only one capable of driving them home.


Watching on as an a lemonade-drinking bystander, I witness the embarrassing behaviour of others and don’t feel as bad about being the sober one. But, do you know when it does become an issue? When people forget the meaning and the importance of the word NO. If I kindly decline your offer for a drink, please accept my decision and carry on. There is not need to keep pressuring someone into having a drink if they simply do not want one. I am 100% capable of having an awesome night with my friends without a single drop of alcohol. And, even better, my Sunday mornings are fresh and fabulous. How are yours?

The night ends up a bust when people don’t understand that I do not enjoy drinking and they keep pressuring me to do it. I know you’re drunk and will probably forget you even saw me here in the morning. But, that’s no reason to be an a-hole. People just can’t seem to let it go if I decline an alcoholic beverage. Like I’ve somehow offended them and ruined their night. That’s when it starts to get annoying, and it makes me so uncomfortable that I get nervous, which leads to anxiousness, which then carries on to a really shitty time and me driving home to the comfort of my bed and some sad kitty snuggles.


I do understand that it’s my decision to stay sober. But, it does make you feel like somewhat of an outsider. I shouldn’t feel the need to drink a certain beverage that alters my regular personality and behaviour. Unfortunately, we live in a society where I feel safer being out in public at 3am if I am sober and 100% aware of what is happening. There are too many horror stories of people who get f*cked up, something horrific happens, and they can’t remember a single thing about it.

If you are like me, and prefer going out with your friends and having a good time sober – I’m with you! We should start a soft drink fan club and party just as hard as everyone else, and then drive home in our own cars afterwards. What a rush! For those of you that can’t stay away from the bevs and love a good party, I feel you too. I’m proud of you for feeling the vibes and becoming an over-confident, louder version of yourself. Go you!


Readers, please remember these are my thoughts and opinions only. I would be really interested in what your thoughts are about this topic – it can be sensitive to some, or just down-right stupid to others. However, I want to hear what you have to say. I could be overreacting, which wouldn’t be unusual – I am quite dramatic. Please reach out to me in the comments or on my social media.

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Remember to always be nice to one another, and if someone declines your offer for a drink, please do not splash it in their face and cry. Just drink it yourself.




2 thoughts on “It’s My Party and I’ll Stay Sober If I Want To

  1. Yep definitely experienced this. After many years of drinking every single weekend I got sick of it and ended up driving friends home alot more instead of getting drunk. Surprisingly this shocks alot of people and they don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to drink haha but they always appreciated the free ride home! And I was more than happy to make sure they got home safe 🙂 I think Australia has a very big drinking culture and young people feel pressured to be apart of that to fit in. But it’s not all its cracked up to be! Ha
    now I only drink occasionally for special events as I don’t really like who I become when I’ve had a few too many to drink!
    (sorry for super long response 😂)

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