What I Wore: Listen Out

I’ve said it once before, and I will proudly say it again – I am one of “those” people who put too much thought, effort, time and money into a memorable one-day outfit. My favourite thing about festivals, aside from the killer music and flickin’ the wrist to Fisher’s Losing It, is the fashion – oh, the fashion – that’s what I’m here for, ladies and gentlemen. The neon green floor-length fur coats, the hot pink platform heels, I even spotted one girl braving the chilly Melbourne air in a thong, star-shaped nipple covers and a lovely black hat. Have to protect yourself from the sun, right… (????)

I searched for the perfect outfit in the lead-up to Listen Out for a few months before I came across the most incredible shoes on an Instagram ad (thanks for stalking me, iPhone!), and instantly knew they would be the masterpiece to work my latest creation around. Moderately comfortable, something not many other people would have, my toes wouldn’t get squashed in a moshpit, leather – easy to clean later, and they overall just looked sick as f**k.

The matching jacket and pants set came next in the perfect festival kit process. I wouldn’t wear something this white at an overnight camping festival like Falls or Party In The Paddock, but Listen Out is a one day-er in St Kilda – no mud, no camping, just a fun day out with some casual artists like Brockhampton, Haiku Hands, Fisher, Skrillex and ASAP Rocky – no biggy. So, not having the guts to wear a completely white outfit to any other festival, Listen Out 2018 was my time to shine. The pants were surprisingly comfortable, with elastic around the ankles, loose-fitting up until the thighs and then a tight but perfect fit around the waist. Paired with the matching crop jacket, I was stoked with how the look came together – all I needed was some accessories for the finishing touches.

I did spend a somewhat excessive sum of money on the overall outfit, although I couldn’t bring myself to invest in a genuine Gucci bum bag. Sorry, Gucci – I want to be extra, but not extra broke. I settled for a just as nice and great quality belt-bag for about $3000 less from Beginning Boutique. The bargain bag was able to fit my sunglasses, iPhone 7+, money, keys, and times all that by two, because boyfriends think your bag is also their bag. I thought I was done with accessoring when I came accross the white sunglasses. They were the PERFECT final addition to top off the outfit.

Unlike the lovely young lady wearing the g-string and stick-on nipple covers I mentioned earlier, one of the perks (pun intended..?) of the checkered outfit was how warm I was all night long. I’m generally one for style over practicality, so choosing something warm or comfortable is never on my top priorities when looking for a festival outfit. But, this one ticked all the boxes. The outfit still worked with the jacket thrown over the arm or tied around the waste, and it was heavy enough to keep me nice and cosy when the sun disappeared and the crisp city breeze came out to play.

I’m usually a sucker for pink, glittery, outfits with frills, sparkles and/or faux fur when it comes to festivals. I think I loved this outfit so much because it was something different for me. Something more serious and grunge than fluffy and sparkly. In saying that, I’m sure I will revert to my old ways come the 2019 music festival season.

Listen Out was one of the most insane festivals I’ve seen – the performers, the crowd, the fashion – it all goes by in such a blur. By the time I sipped on my two alcoholic beverages, ran between stages to catch a glimpse of the acts, accidentally trod on many feet in the mosh and complimented every second bypasser on their outfit, it had all come to an end. Thanks for the memories, St Kilda. Until next time…


Full outfit from Beginning Boutique
Photography by Tameika Leslie Photography


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