A magazine for women, by women. An iconic venture made right here in Tasmania, created by a loving mother-daughter duo. Introducing, the ONLY and FIRST EVER free magazine for women in Tasmania, LOIS. A community of passion, inspiration, empowerment and love. The mastermind behind this incredible creation Tassie has been gifted with, is Samantha Christian.

The purpose of LOIS. is to connect Tasmanian women in the hope of supporting and uplifting one another, rather than being in competition. The free magazine is distributed across cafes, salons, boutiques and other local businesses, where women might go feel beautiful, catch up with friends or spend a well deserved day-off. Helping women to build positive relationships with each other is something that is very special to Sam Christian.

“Connecting Tasmania’s women through LOIS. means EVERYTHING to me. To give             them a platform to share their stories without a fear of sensationalism, to show them     REAL women in our fashion spreads (our models are often regular women most with no formal modelling experience). We want to make Tasmanian women feel good, to         inspire them.”

“The idea for LOIS. came about while I was working with my mother in community         newspapers. She runs two community newspapers in Tasmania’s South East and             wanted to add a third publication to her collective. We landed on a free magazine         for women after throwing around a few ideas. Once we had decided on what the             magazine would look and feel like it was time to give it a name. The mag was named         after an emotional late night conversation. We both had a name in mind… it wasn’t         until we said it out loud (almost in unison) that we realised we had to name the     magazine LOIS. Named after my mother’s mum (my Nanna). She embodied the             women we were creating the publication for. Fierce, determined and inspired.”

When I first came across LOIS. at a local health food store in my home town, it was sitting in a magazine stand at the store front, and the magazine had ‘FREE’ written on the front in a pink bubble. No, it can’t be.. I wasn’t sure if I should take one or not.. was it a trick? I quickly snapped it up and stuffed it into my handbag. I’m so glad I did. LOIS. is the inspiring and empowering magazine for women that Samantha hoped it would be. Not only the articles and photography, but the sole fact that it is a Tasmanian-made publication, with the intention of providing the women of our state with quality journalism and stories, is inspiring enough for me.

“Having worked in free community newspapers for over 5 years, I knew the formula         was one that worked. We wanted to build a community and creating a magazine that was free would help do that. It was also important to me that the information we provided was available to all women, regardless of their financial situation. We understand that our readers are varied in their interests and our content is reflective of that.”

As an entrepreneur, a new mum, and a general human being who needs time to breathe and have a glass of wine every now and then, Samantha Christian has a lot to juggle. Reading about the co-founder of this new publication, I saw many similarities between me and my interviewee – loves a challenge, will take on any new opportunity, and always reaches for the stars.

“5 years ago, I probably would have seen myself working for a magazine, but I’m             certain I never dreamed I’d be running my own. LOIS. has now become a lifestyle             brand as well as a magazine. We have created a strong community and we are             incredibly proud of that.

The marker of any successful business is that it’s able to scale, so we are currently             making steps in the direction of growth and diversification. My dream is that LOIS.         will be Australia’s first free magazine for women on a national stage. The success of         LOIS. has enabled me to work on my own personal brand as a blogger and micro-influencer. I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of my new blog, Mama Runs     A Magazine – a behind the scenes look at running a magazine, being a first time             mum, wife and entrepreneur. I’ll be launching the new blog in January 2019″.

This is just the start of an incredible small business in Tasmania, that has been curated with the same love and passion as it’s readers. I, for one, cannot wait to see where LOIS. takes off to next, and we are privileged to live in such a beautiful state with incredible entrepreneurial and creative minds like Samantha Christian’s. People like Sam will put Tasmania on the map for greatness.

To learn more about LOIS. magazine or to subscribe to the digital version, visit their website HERE.

If you are interested in keeping up with Mama Runs a Magazine (which I highly recommend you do), you can click HERE.

Thanks for reading and until next time –




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