Five Skincare Products That Saved Me (And My Face)

The one thing I love even more than my make-up… is my skincare. That satisfying and refreshing feeling of washing all the heavy make-up from my skin, looking like a panda for a few minutes, using my favourite oils, moisturisers and masks, and leaving a nice ring of orange make-up around the white bathroom sink. Who doesn’t love that?!

My skin has always been well behaved, all through school I never had acne, nor did I have dry or oily skin, it was just a good balance of everything you want, with a few random spots every now and then (I didn’t want that). Three years ago, I contracted a contagious skin infection from a client whilst working as a make-up artist. The several months-long recovery resulted in extremely bad scarring on my cheeks, specifically on the right side. Without make-up, my cheeks are extremely red, bumpy, and it’s something I’m always really self conscious about.

(These makeup-free photos are when the scarring started to clear-up dramatically. I never took ‘before’ photos, I was too embarrassed. But, with make-up, who would know!).

Luckily for me, skincare is my best friend! Lathering my face in natural skin oils, serums, gentle exfoliators, and most importantly – removing my make-up properly every single day – my scarring has very dramatically gotten much less intense. I rock no make-up almost every day now. I have used a LOT of skincare over the last few years – the products below are those that I found worked the best for me, cleared up my skin, and that I continue to use daily. This doesn’t necessarily mean they would work for you, too. Not one of us has exactly the same skin as someone else – sometimes it is a matter of trying new things and understanding what works for you.

ECO BY SONYA DRIVER Super Citrus Cleanser
(RRP $29.95)

My personal favourite part of wearing make-up is taking it off at the end of the day. It is also the most important step of the make-up and skincare process. Make-up is like a drink for our skin, it will just keep drinking it up until it’s full (AKA when your make-up looks non-existent by lunch time). Which is why skincare is so important! Our skin soaks up the skincare too, but it’s full of much nicer ingredients that are better for the skin and, by using it prior to make-up application, will keep your foundation on longer. The Eco Super Citrus Cleanser is the most nourishing and refreshing cleanser to remove make-up with. I squirt a few pumps into my hands, rub it all over my face (eyes included), rinse it all off ensuring I wash away all the make-up residue, and then go in once more with a few more pumps to cleanse my skin when the make-up is gone. The product smells amazing (important) and works a charm (also very important)!

untitled design



NAPOLEON PERDIS Skin Elixir Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 15
(RRP $59)

Wearing a moisturiser or foundation with sunscreen in it is really important throughout the day, the sun is definitely always out there, hunting for someone to burn, whether we can see it or not. Even just 15 minutes in the Tasmanian sun will turn you pink. This serum from Napoleon Perdis is my all-time favourite. I think NP as an Australian brand is so underrated, and should be talked about more! I use it of a morning as my first step, letting my skin drink up all the lovely ingredients of this natural serum, and once my face is feeling dry, I go in with a moisturiser and then a primer (generally a primer spray). It may sound like an intense prep just for make-up, but as I mentioned before, this routine and the products are what work best for me, keeping my skin healthy and clearing up the scarring.

untitled design-2


BENEFIT COSMETICS Total Moisture Facial Cream
(RRP $73)

I had only ever used Benefit Cosmetics’ iconic brow products (I have one of everything..), until I was given this moisturiser for Christmas and, oh. My. God. Life changing! First of all, the packaging of this product is amazing – it feels  like a high-end, top of the range product in the glass jar and cork-like lid. And what’s on the inside is even better. I dip my finger into the jar with just a small amount of product, feeling so nourished and hydrated. I wish the jar was head-sized so I could just stick my whole face in it – yep, that’s how good it is. It retails for $73 AUD, but I always believe that you pay the extra price for products that deserve it, and this one certainly does. I want to buy it in bulk so I never, ever run out. I use this facial cream of a morning, after my NP serum and before the primer spray. And then sometimes of a night before bed if my face is feeling greedy.

untitled design-4

KORA ORGANICS Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask
(RRP $59.95)

I have always found it hard to find an exoliator that isn’t too harsh for my skin. The scars on my cheeks are extremely sensitive, and most exfoliators are too intense for my skin and leaves me bright red with stinging cheeks – some of the products I have used before have had little beads in it that are so harsh, they’ve literally scratched my cheeks.. that’s a no-no from me. With Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics being an all natural ingredient brand, I was more than willing to try the exfoliating mask, and I’m so glad I did. It smells incredible, and it is very soft on the face, with just enough intensity to still be able to exfoliate and cleanse those pores. As a mask, I spread it all over my face in circular motions and leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes. I rinse it off in warm water and my face feels so incredibly soft, I can’t stop touching it.. every time. If you have sensitive skin or find that exfoliators are too harsh, I definitely recommend this one for you!

untitled design-3

GO-TO Face Hero
(RRP $45)

Last but most certainly not least, my favourite skincare product EVER. This face oil is the product that saved me. 6 months ago, my scarring looked as bad as it ever had, and after using this oil every morning and sleeping in it every night, as well as the help with the other four products, my scars are almost non-existent. Zoe Foster Blake’s GO-TO brand have the best skincare products I have used. I have one of everything in the range, love it ALL, and for how long the products last and how well they work, I think the price is very much worth it. Using a serum and moisturiser of a morning, I generally just use this of a night-time, after cleanser and before moisturiser. I swear by this product and even just thinking about it, I want to go and douse myself in it right now…

untitled design-5

I’m all for trying new things – new skincare, foundations, eyeshadow palettes – one of these new things is writing about it. I realised I wanted to share my skincare routine and favourite products with you, which is new for Sincerely, E – let me know your thoughts, on the beauty post AND on any skincare products that you consider a holy grail. Maybe I’m missing out on something that saved your life (and your face).

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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