An Interview with HAIKU HANDS

I am 99% sure I blasted the speakers out of my car this morning listening to Dare You Not to Dance, the latest single from Australian girl group, Haiku Hands. The song was only released this week, and it’s already on my ‘EVERY DAMN DAY’ Spotify playlist and on repeat. I think I got literal chills listening to the bass drop for the first time.

Claire Nakazawa, Mie Nakazawa, Beatrice Lewis and Mataya Young are the four young Aussies that make up the electro hiphop collective, and have very quickly earned a powerful reputation in the music industry. Their mix of hiphop, pop, electronic, dance and disco tunes are immediately recognisable as the iconic girl group with their catchy beats and funky voices.

Haiku Hands

Not About You (2017), Jupiter (2018) and Squat (2018) are three singles that made Australia go wild for Beatrice, Mataya and the two Nakazawa sisters. Their upbeat dance music will get you bopping and fist pumping no matter what, and it is a sound that is truly unique to Haiku Hands.

“We hadn’t been performing for long before the release of Not About You. Our first ever gig was on New Year 2016/17 at Falls Festival and NAU was released in June that year.

Our music is influenced by everything around us, there are so many amazing, weird and disturbing things happening to be inspired by. The aim is to create something fun and thoughtful. We work as a team, which includes Joelistics and Elgusto who are great contributors to the making of our music.”



Another thing that differentiates the music group from other artists is their live shows. The aspect of visual art and putting on a wild performance are two very important things to Haiku Hands. I witnessed it in person at Listen Out festival in the September of 2018, and the choreography of their set blew me away. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them – for their dancing, and also their intriguing choice of fashion.

“Our go-to outfits are navy blue workmen’s boiler suits. They are perfect to squat and jump around in on stage. Comfort is a big deciding factor when choosing what to wear, along with colour, texture and an opportunity to work with local designers. If we are not wearing our boiler suits we make sure there is some element of our clothing that unifies us. The synchronised outfits play a role in creating a squad vibe which I think is something people associate with Haiku Hands.”


With only four songs to their name (so far…), Haiku Hands are making huge waves in the Australian music industry and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If Dare You Not to Dance is anything to go by, it looks like Claire, Mie, Beatrice and Mataya are only just getting the chaotic party started.

“We already have lots of shows booked for this year, including a tour in the US. We are squeezing in writing sessions wherever we can to finish an album.”

If you are a Tasmanian party-goer and keen to get your boogie on in the next few weeks, you can catch a live performance from Haiku Hands for yourself at Party in the Paddock in Launceston on Friday, 8th February. If you are from any other part of Australia, you’re not missing out. The girl group are going on their debut Australian headline tour!

haikuhands_a3 guests 2

Keep up with the latest from Haiku Hands with the following sites:

Apple Music.

See you from the front row at Party in the Paddock, HH.

Until next time,


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