Swimming Lessons

Life almost flashes before your eyes when you turn another year older. As I sit here now, patiently waiting for my 22nd birthday tomorrow, I’m confronted with all of the people, experiences and events that have shaped me into who I am today. While at first I thought I hadn’t achieved a great deal in my 21st year, I realised it was actually a time for me to slow down, practice mindfulness, being kinder to myself and others, maturing and becoming more educated – appreciating the smaller things in life.

Some experiences really test you, curious as to whether you will sink or swim. You can be taught how to swim at a young age, but sometimes you don’t truly understand the ability of your skills until you are thrown into the deep end later in life. I think the same goes for many of us when I say this year has taught me gratefulness – in a wild world where we have all been forced to swim for our lives, I am grateful to be surrounded by loved ones and to simply be happy and healthy. Is there much else you can really ask for in life?

As I approach 22, I am blooming out of my comfort zone that has been keeping me trapped for so long. I’m spending more time with friends, who mean the whole world and more to me right now. Getting into a new and exciting fitness routine, trying to be a better version of myself every day. That doesn’t mean I’m living in a magical garden with fairies and elves every day, but the point is that I’m trying, and that’s all I need to feel content and at peace with myself for now (until I find something new to stress about, anyway. Have to soak it up while it lasts)…

Constantly being wrapped up in the “what’s next?” mindset used to set me back, being stressed that I was ‘behind’ in life, that I should have everything figured out by now. I think the most important lesson I have learned this year is that where I’m headed doesn’t matter today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. I realised I should be soaking up each day as it comes, spending my time doing things that bring me joy and being with the people I love. Instead of worrying myself sick that I don’t have a “dream job”, I’m reading books, exploring nature and making the most of the precious life I do have.

This blog will be an interesting one to look back on in one year from now, seeing what else has changed when I’m about to turn 23. If you’re worried about turning another year older, don’t fret the number of your age (you’re only as old as you feel), and remember to feel grateful you get to live another fabulous year of life surrounded by friends and family.

You will be so happy, you’ll want to swim around the world and back again.

Until next time,

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