A Love Letter to My Home

I have always loved the one place people told me I should move on from – my comfort zone. But, I find being comfortable is nice. It’s laying in bed with my cat reading a book, it’s watching a movie at home on a Saturday night, it’s not wanting to move away from where I grew up. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable in the place you call home, but I have recently realised that you can call more than one place home, and sometimes even people – or, one person in particular.

I might have realised this on my own one day, but I’m thankful for that one person who made me feel like it was okay to open my eyes and spread my wings that little bit further. For believing in me enough to make me believe in myself. That there is a world out there I haven’t experienced, and home won’t go anywhere while I’m gone. Together, we can create a new place to call home, and that’s how it feels when we are together, no matter how far away we are from where we grew up as kids. Because now, we get to grow up together as adults. Two people experiencing their own lives, basking in the joyous moments and holding each other up through the life shattering ones. Growing at different paces, working in completely opposite industries, but coming together at the end of the day to feel that slice of comfort, the peace of being home.

And, my god, the laughing. The giggling so hard you can’t breathe. Calming down with a sip of water and dribbling it back out from the burst of laughter. Not being able to look at each other without losing it again. Those are the moments, with that person, that makes everything else in the whole world slip away for a while. Life is so unpredictable, no matter how much you plan and set five year goals, I am not the person I was last year, or last month. Neither is he. But isn’t that the beauty of living? The unexpected, the being uncomfortable once in a while.

Breaking free of that comfort zone involved packing our bags, getting on a plane and beginning a new adventure together. Our furry baby stayed behind for a while, and it breaks our hearts every single day he isn’t with us. We whisper goodnight to him each night, only in each other’s ears, hoping he can hear how much we ache for his little body to be asleep at our feet as the sun sets. We said goodbye to loved ones and the friends who became our family. It feels wrong for us all to be apart. But, sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you’re young, and to know you can be both selfless and selfish when it comes to the people you love – the ones you call home.

My home is with Tyga, and it is with you, Riley. My best friend, my love, the Jake Peralta to my Amy Santiago. Life is toit with you, and every single day my heart grows bigger just for being loved by you. Thank you for giving me a home with you, no matter where we go. I think I might just stay here forever.

With all my love and more,

Ell x

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