A Brief Hello

Hi there! Thanks for wanting to know a bit more about me. I’ll try to make it quick, as I tend to dribble nonsense most of the time (yes, even in planned posts such as this).

My name is Ellie Simpson (my friends call me E), I’m 22 years old and recently moved to Brisbane from my little home town in Tasmania, Australia. I live with my partner and our other partner-in-crime, a three-legged cat named Tyga. I love to write, and I am slowly but surely on the path to making that a career of mine. My experience is in digital marketing and advertising, and on top of this blog, I have merged all my loves into one Instagram account called @ellreadsbooks, where I read books and write reviews, on top of full-time work, freelancing and blogging.

I’ve been sharing my life through Sincerely, E since I was 12 years old, passionate at the time about all things fashion and lifestyle. As I grow older, my writing grows with me, and the important things I want to write about are constantly changing. Although I call this a fashion and lifestyle blog, these days you are much more likely to find articles about mental health, life experiences on navigating life through my early twenties, and self-help tips and tricks. If anything, I hope my online journal can be beneficial to you in a time of need.

That’s enough about me, but I would love to hear about you! Feel free to reach out to me at ellie.sincerelye@gmail.com to tell me about yourself – maybe you have your own blog, you’re just a reader or need to debrief on what you’re bingeing on Netflix. I’m open to all of the above (especially the Netflix one).

Thanks again for stopping by!

Until next time,



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