A Brief Hello

Hi there! Thanks for wanting to know a bit more about me. I’ll try to make it quick as I tend to dribble nonsense most of the time (yes, even in planned out blog posts and about pages like this).

My name is Ellie Simpson (my friends call me Ell), I’m 21 years old and live in my hometown in Tasmania, Australia. I live right by the beach with my partner, Riley, and our three-legged cat, Tyga. I love reading and always have a good book in hand (favourite authors are Mark Haddon, E. Lockhart and Markus Zusak). I dream of being a professional writer one day, hence the blog, and am fascinated by the fashion industry, which is where my heart has and always will lie.

My favourite colour is pink, favourite food is camembert with crackers and my star sign is Libra (with a tendency to take horoscopes way too seriously). I like staying in my comfort zone of books, watching Friends and writing stories. I’m a low key technology nerd and will watch the full 4-hour long Apple product release events in awe. I work full time, blog on the side, and also manage a modelling agency with my mum, Giovanna, at the reigns.

That’s enough about me. I would love to hear about you though! Feel free to reach out to me at ellie.sincerelye@gmail.com to tell me about yourself – maybe you have your own blog, you’re just a reader or need to debrief on what you’re bingeing on Netflix. I’m open to all of the above (especially the Netflix one).

Thanks again for stopping by!

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Until next time,





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